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Our Line-Up

Speakers will be added as they are announced.

David C. Tate

Yale Faculty, Executive Coach & Consulting Psychologist

"Conscious Accountability"

Being able to promote accountability is essential for organizational success.


But realities of how work has changed demand a new approach to accountability that supports results, people, and a culture of continuous improvement.

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Ryan Picarella

Executive VP, Growth & Partnerships

"Humanizing Work"

The demand for wellbeing, specifically mental wellbeing, has never been greater.


It's time to change the paradigm on wellbeing initiatives in organizations and help all people thrive. Learn the basics of peer-to-peer support and how to incorporate this timeless and effective concept into your people strategy.

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Rachael Perillo

Talent Management Business Partner


The Great Resignation is more than just how do you retain your current workforce but also how do you effectively recruit the right people for the right seats? 

An astounding 86% of new hires decide to stay or leave an organization within their first 6 months. Hear from our talent business partner on actionable steps your company can take to ensure your recruiting process acts as a retention strategy, too.  

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Keith Huber

Investment Advisor

Financial Wellbeing

Supporting your employee’s financial wellbeing is more than just checking the box when it comes to contributing to a 401k. 


When employers neglect their ability to control employees' financial wellbeing, it can result in unhealthy, financially strapped, and disengaged employees. Learn 3 things you can do today to better support your employee’s financial health in the future.


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Lisa Jacobi

SVP, Chief HR Officer

You'll hear from her as she dives into what her team has done to maintain culture, relatively low turnover, and high performance over the last several years - but also what she's looking to do next as things are constantly evolving and "what got us here, won't get us there."

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